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Money Matters

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A quick question for those of you operating as incorporated independant contractors.


Do you pay your own WCB premiums?


Are you clased as: Air Service, Charter, 12,500 lbs or less in rate group 50106 ?


I'm just looking into all the details of doing this. Please feel free to PM with any advice that may help.



Fly safe.

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you pay everything, EI, CPP, WCB, and the EI and CPP are paid by you and the employer, which is double, eg. you pay $100, employer pays $100, so gotta look at all the money you will acutally be saving, if this is what you decide. and llife/ health insurance if you choose to do so.


I did it once before, didn't make a huge difference.


hope this is the kind of answer your loooking for.

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