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Hi All,


With the fires heating up again, and things starting to look a little brighter (okay, a tad brighter), please send us any pictures that you take while you are out in the bush. We pay for any pictures that are used in Vertical.


We can also accept high-res digital images (minimum of 200k).


Thanks in advance!


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You hope not!!! For the interest of the rest of the CAaviation dot com clan here's Flinger's story....too funny to keep to me self....


"Been out on a tree plant job for the past few weeks.. Cool job. Wild conditions. Flies ol man? I have fly bites where NO person should. I wear a DC headset that is connected to a VHF when I'm working. I leave it on all the time unless I'm chatting with someone. One day, between loads, Chris has to go. No worries, there's no one around, so I decide to go just off the road. (I don't want to be fifty feet off in the woods just in case.) In preparation, I cover myself in bugjuice, grab my roll and find a nice soft spot. I neglected however, to spray OFF into the areas that would be temporarily exposed while 'dropping off the kids.' So, here I am, trying to have a nice pleasent dump and the flies are attacking my backside like CraZy. I'm standin there, bent over, slappin my own bare *** like a madman for about five minutes before I give up, stand up and turn around to see a guy sittin there on a quad. I remove my headset, (almost in shock) and in a thick french accent he says, "Da flies are bad no?"


In the meantime, I'm back on the phone again this week hunting. If ya hear of anything, lemme know."


Now to all CP's and/or Ops Managers or Owners and CEO's, or anyone with a line on a job, if one of ya's don't grab onto this dude soon you'll regret it. If not for his fortitude to withstand natures small blood sucking buzzards then maybe his good sense of humor to be an asset to your pilot pool.


Good show Flinger, keep the chin and pants up by'....

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flinger... that story reminds me of a young sudbury lad i know takin'' a walk behind the camp on the south shore of lake nipissing in may (read "blackfly city") with his girlfriend... that piece is allegedly found in the guinness book under the heading "STUPID"!!


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