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Personal Vehicle Use


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I'm just curious about what the average rate is for using your personal vehicle for company business. With the price of gas now and insurance rates, I'm taking a bit of a sh*t kicking with the amount of miles I put on. I've been averaging between 15000 to 20000 km. a year just for company stuff.

The company currently pays 40 cents/km. I supply the fuel. What are other people getting?

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Not slandering you....but shame on you to begin with! 15-20K...that is very excesive mileage for a personal use vehicle!


My theory is "whether you beg, borrow, or steal" a vehicle you must put gas in it, and I have always charged for fuel on top of a km allowance. Look at the rental agencies, they charge for ; daily, kms, and you have to put fuel into it as well as a windshield every once and a while, ask Perfect Track about that!


I would tell your employer to either rent or lease a vehicle for you! I believe that the mileage rate that most companies have is designed for short trips!!!!


If not demand $1.00/km plus a day rate! And yes, check your insurance!!!


Good Luck!

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some food for thought


daily cost of driving (US$)


Insurance $2.45/day (based on $900.00/year full coverage)

Oil (changes) $.28/day (based on $25/qtr for oil change)

Air Filter $.07/day (based on $25/year Changed yearly)

Gasoline $.10/mile (Based on $2.55/gal @ 25 miles/gal)


gas 12,000 miles (20,000 Km) X .10 = $1,200 ./. 365 = $3.29/day


based on the above info the daily cost is $2.80/day plus gas $3.29/day = $6.09/day :shock: :shock: :shock:

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Well to sum it all up, if that much travel (15-200K a year) is required by the employee, the employer should provide all transport and costs. Stick up for yourself, maybe your employer is being selffish, at least, bring this up to their attention!!!

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There has been non stop issues with mileage at our company and we have told employee's repeatedly to rent a vehicle instead of using their own (I know of only one base doesn't have rental vehicles available). I 100% agree that personal vehicles shouldn't be used for work but if someone uses there own vehicle for company work than they have agreed to the mileage payed. If they don't want to use their own vehicle that they should tell their management that alternate means of transport is required. Its that easy!

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