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Personal Vehicle Use


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I appreciate all the input.....well except for 67 nov. ha ha

It's all definately food for thought and might use some to plead my case.

Then, again, maybe I'll branch off into used carpet sales and make a bundle.

Cheers to all

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Skids Up....


yes at times there was alot of driving. One rental was returned with over 15000km on it when the tour was completed, add in the wear and tear damages they always charge, it adds up fast. When you look at the driving I did, there were days where I put on over 1000km in one day alone, love that multi base work. Did a run to Blue river once and returned the car back to Tilden in Edmonton the same day. The young lady at the counter was stunned when I gave her the mileage of 1400km (or so) and you could see her mentally totalling that up and knowing full well it's only 10 hours since i picked up the car.


Not many guys would come anywhere near this in regular work, but I'm the exception to the rule and always misunderstood. B)

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Hey t-55 you may want to factor in oil loss when you are using your bike for work. haha



Why do you think I started this thread? Do you realize how expensive a 45 gal drum of 50 weight is? give me a call or e-mail, ya maggot.

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