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New Type of Contact Lenses!

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I have just learned of a new style of contact lenses that can be worn up to 30 days straight! You wear them day and night without taking them out! They allow oxygen to pass through them very well, much waited improvement from the regular soft contacts! Talk with your local eye Doc. I just got a trial pair today! They do have a ''price$'' to pay. Around $200 for 6 pair vs $55.

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Hey guys,

I have the aformentioned 30 day contact lenses and have been using them for the past year and a half. They sure are convenient and havent caused any problems for me at all. I wouldnt recommend using them much past the 30 days though, as when they get a little uncomfortable, they get REALLY uncomfortable. But other than that, if youre looking at them, i give them 2 thumbs up.

And the company (i think) is called VISINE. Ill double check that but im pretty sure thats the company.


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