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Looking To Move Some Shacks

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Hey guys,


We need to move some smallish shacks that we estimate to about 5,000 lbs each. There are 19 of them, and each lift would be a very short distance, 100-200 yards. The reason we are looking at a helicopter to avoid removing trees to facilitate their move. I don't think that a sky crane would be financially viable, but I was wondering if a 205 / 214 would be capable of this lift. It would be at about 5000 ASL, in Banff Alberta.


Any advice would be appreciated.




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Thanks for the replies and the PM's gentlemen,


Due to noise considerations we will be looking at a more ground based approach to the move...if anything changes, we will be in touch with those who sent their contact info.




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If noise considerations are getting in the way, you might try talking to the folks up at Sunshine Village. They were using a 214 a couple of years ago to move parts for the new quad chair on Standish. Not the same as operating around the townsite, but they still had to deal with Parks Canada's limitations.

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