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Looking To Move Some Shacks

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Guest Angry Egg Driver

A buddy of mine is flying Lakelse Air's 204 1/2 logging right now.He said their truck has Mackenzie Heli Services on the side.I don't think that they are lending the truck to them........ :unsure:

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We operate K-max's, and there are contact numbers on the website if you are interested in price and availablility.


The aircraft will lift it's own weight (6000lbs) and only burns about the same fuel as a 205 (365 L/hr.) No tailrotor means it's probably one of the quietest machines capable of doing the job.

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A token on the off topicish.


Talk about quiet... in 03' when we had the fire In Osoyoos the Kmax wasnt following the bucketting pattern to where all the other machines were pulling out of that was gaurded by the RCMP boat. In stead, it was going every which way. Normally, I would be the first one to let him be and just sit back and watch, however, because the family buisness is parasailing it was incredibally hard to find the kmax while towing a parasail. The one pilot that was doing this had been called a showboat by a tonne of other pilots, and went off contract a little later. I guess what im saying is that because it was so quiet and the pilot wasnt following the set procedures there were a few vary close calls.


That being said, the kmax is one of the coolest helicopters by far.


Cole B)

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Hey Good to here that He needs to get back Logging After the year he had.Dealing with Drunk/stoned riggers is not half as stessfull as doing transport shite.


Did those shacks ever get moved I will be going through there in the next week.

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Thanks for all the info, PMs and offers of help. As much as I would have loved to have moved them by air, the powers to be have decided to put them on skids and drag them around.

Maybe next time.


Edit...oops that was supposed to go on the other thread about the shacks.




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