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What Flight School Did You Get Your Licence At?


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Full On,


Needed your cell as I am going back in on the 25th and should be about an hour and a half south of you. May be able to come over and get that 47 endorsement you owe me. haha



Sorry dude it went off to 47 land. Still flying I hope... You'll have to settle for a Raven, good fun excellent autos.

You better show up.

As a god old friend would say:


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Okay so after poking around there website a bit it seems like they offer alot of bonus stuff including free accomadations, free unlimited sim time, a free gym and hotub etc.


So the qeustion is- Is this all just adding to the fact that its an excellent school or is it smoke and mirrors?

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the webpage does indeed look very professional .. it does however mention that:


"Unfortunately government student loans are not available for our flight school and we do not provide financing for the students."


Does this mean it's not an accredited post-secondary education facility? Aka: Course fees are not considered tuition and hence not tax deductible? or are the government loans independent of tax-deductibility?

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I too went to Tech about 7 years ago. Nice small operation. I finished in 3 months flat. Didn't have to fight for flight time, 6days a week 8 hours a day. Greg is calm in the cockpit too, so no worries there. He's got a fair share of operational time as well. His base is 15 min outside of PG just outside the zone, and right beside some 4500 Ft rolling hills, and the Fraser River, so no loss of time getting there. He's got a nice hangar and clean house and acreage to hover practice right there. He'll give you his honest opinion too at the 10 and 20 hour mark. Do your research though, and give him a call. Most guys who've made it don't usually put down the the school they went to!! ;) so to answer your question ...no smoke and mirrors.

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