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What Flight School Did You Get Your Licence At?


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trained at canadore..72-74...Al Lang..aka..father time...wayne bolan...paul smith...robby Laveck...steve Monroe....sully was a fellow student B) :up: :shock: then went and worked for an outfit in calgary that had a chief pilot by the name of KO...didn't stay long as flying job was not offered..did meet a lot of great people there...met up with some of them over the years... :punk:

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hey helilog,


i too had the honor of having some of my training with Neil Hart :up:


along with Hal Marsden, Dennis Isaki (sp?), Al Smith and the infamous Joe Cadham :blink: back at International Heliflight in '88


good ol' Neil though.....he would roll off the throttle and say "engine failure" and as i would be sweating through the procedure, he would pull out his smokes, tap one out, flick his zippo and light it....slide open the window....take a deep drag (at this time we would be in the flare)...flick his ash out the window and cover the controls just as we slid on. then cool as a cuke he would look at me...smile and say...


"right, once again" :)


it was a sad day when Neil passed on..... :(




"Would you recommend training on the 47 over the R22?"


YES, and the 300 over that!! :up:

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Guest bag swinnger

I trained in 98 at Canadian in Toronto/Buttonville with Al Collins, Craig Nesbitt & Andre Harasym, in the R22/206. Have not seen them since as we are a few time zones apart.

I wish I was closer to the school, I think it would be neat to drop in from time to time meet the new students and see and hear where everyone ended up.

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I trained at VIH's ab initio school in 97, (which became Coast Heli College)


Kirby Haines and Dave Ferguson were my instructors. Excellent training and it all paid off!


R22, havn't flown it since. :up:


"not that there's anything wrong with them"

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Would you recommend training on the 47 over the R22?






I've been told that if you can fly the R22 smoothly (or as smooth as its humanly possible with that thing) you can fly anything smooth. If your a big guy though...maybe think 47.



I've flown both. The 47 flies like an overloaded JetRanger and the R22 flies like an empty one. The overloaded one will teach you power management. The old 47 is a busy machine especially with a worn out cambox. Nothing wrong with any of the trainers, I also flew a HU300 once and a Enstom F28F for 15 hours and really liked them both.



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I trained with Dominion Pegasus in 1974.


Vic Schiebler. We called him Miss Vicky but not to his face.


Bernt Fernung was the CFI.


Anabell Hoit.


Dave Marko.


John Carnie.


Tow guys I cant put faces to named Gunson and Williams.


And the irrepresible Bob Ough.


I trained with Steve Hannah, John Smiley, Bogdan Duderavich was in the paint shop from the previous session waiting for a machine. John Belankie although he will deny it. And others whose names escape me. Mike Lipp.


Good times. Okanagan bought them out just as i finished my training. They refused to hire any students. Bad luck for me as it was three years before I got my very own G4A and headed for the bush.


Wow thats a blast from the past I remember most of them




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