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What Flight School Did You Get Your Licence At?


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Got the licence at National Helicopters in London, ON With Nick Booth and Ken Saumure. Had my check ride with Rick Kirkwood.

Then went over to Modak Aviation while they were still there and trained with Martin Sachsy, and Steve Simpson.

Went to Pro Ifr and did a bit of mountain flying with Joe Cadham :blink:

Did my ppc with Serj.

Now I'm covering northern B.C.

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Another Okotoks/Bob McCord product!

Except in '87 it was CanWest aviation.

Hey Bugdriver, did they still have GQCN and GCWAuto there?

McCord was as crazy as a s##thouse rat back then. Still the man could fly.

He is still the only person in Canada that has has an engine test cell airborne!!

He remembers hearing a BANG and then he was upside down in a sand pile 50 yrds. away!!


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Going back a few years, but.....


K.O. taught me to fly.


There isn't a day goes by when I fly that I don't get out of the helicopter and whisper under my breath..."Thanks KO, ya done good".


Where's he at anyway? I kinda miss the old bastage.




KO is training at Chinnok for Cathy Press. If you want a 206 endorsement or some mnt. time give him a call....... :shock:

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Trained with Wild Bill Henderson on a 47 at Midwest while an apprentice 1972 only he didn't think a instruct rating or duals was necessary for flight training while on the job in Gillam ( anybody else switch seats in a 47 in flight?). Dennis Smith made it all legal afterwards but 34 years later I still think it was the craziest thing I was ever involved in. I remember going out to the Hydro service centre in Thompson while graunching for Stan Binns and doing a morning run up before he showed up, so I'd pick it up in the hover and be focused on putting it back down in the same tracks in the snow so he wouldn't know what I'd been up to.Great memories!

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I trained @ Big Horn Helicopters in Spring Bank, AB


Instructors where and still are Richard Alzetta and Paul Bergeron and Jenn thiel but she has moved on, all **** good instructors! I say that cause I got a job instantly.


Also if you can skin a R22 you can fly anything. Robinson helicopters are wideley used commercially not B47's. So it's probly best to train in the 22, also easier to fly the 44 to. There are tons of 44's out there not B-47's, so I think thats a no brainer.

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Also if you can skin a R22 you can fly anything.




So, if you can skin a B 47 you can only fly ...??


Careful of your comments as they tend to stick with you.


If it was a good trainer for you, (and yes I know Paul and his operation, and he is good) that's great.


Many will, (and have) learned on many other types and still go on to be "pilots" flying many different types of aircraft.

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