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Pax Briefs

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... Its fake, it was made by a private company (I would assume British private version of WCB) as a safety video for the helicopter companys over there.


That being said, there is also something to be said for a good Pax Brief. The main points to stress being the big spinny stuff. At my school were trained to do a pax breif for **** near everything, seatbelts, sickbags, exits (given), what type of takeof, where we're going if she quits on departure/mid air/landing, and much other stuff.


However, I on the other hand try to keep it always positive, (say someone in the back is already nervous), someone going on a 30 min trip down the valley doesnt need a 2 day course on egress... they are BRIEFS


Cole :punk:

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Glad to hear it's not real. Pretty well done though, had me fooled.


Nothing I hate more than chasing pax around the pad because they didn't listen to a landing brief about which side to exit on, which path to take to what machine, which gate to exit from, yada yada yada.


Sometimes feel like a farmer chasing chickens around the pen at Thanksgiving! Feathers everywhere. :wacko:

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Easily prevented. Where was the person to meet them when they landed and escort them away? I saw a youngster there..........was somebody stupid or what? Safety briefings don't work when there's a kid involved around operating machinery........at least they didn't work around my kids at that age.

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There actually is a one handed heli-ski guide out there due to a mistake he made with the rotors.

Can happen to experienced professionals as well. Another sad story is the pilot who was loading cargo with the blades turning and the rotor disc tilted forward slightly and killed him.

Always look up and watch the blades whenever you are under them and when embarking or disembarking pax, get ready to pull pitch , in case they are about to do something stupid.

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