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Helicopter Instructor Rating


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I was just curious as to what people thought of getting an instructor rating these days. I've been working in the bush/arctic/IFR Off-Shore for a while now, and was entertaining the idea of upgrading my skills. According to the Transport Canada website, the number of helicopter instuctors are far below that of the fixed wing community. Do we have enough already, or does the industry need a few more?

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:) CL.....there is always room for more (quality) instructors in the RW industry......it's what i do in the winter, and it's great fun. A lot of schools out here in the west, prefer people that have a vast array of work experience out in the commercial (working) world. I would highly recommend for you to consider it as an option......cheers H56
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instructing is a good gig! gets you current on emergencies and very proficient at full on autos :up:


of course, it can also give you grey hair (or as in my case, make it fall out :shock: )


being home every night and YOU choose where you will fly that day make up some of the bonus points......


good when you have talented students....bit of a bear when you don't........


money is pretty good.


the trick is to be ready ALL the time for a student to do something totally unexpected cuz i guarantee you....it will happen!!!


i.e. you reach over and push the t/r chip light and the student rolls off the throttle :blink: :shock: :blink::stupid:


there goes more hair :angry:


ps. and be ready to fly your @ss off!! over 1200 hours for me last year!

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