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privately owned BH 407 in NS

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On 7/8/2003 11:35:17 AM DDF wrote:


hey CHEVY II is your contract guy the same one as last year.........Mr. G.F.



DDF...You betcha! I don''t know about the "Mister" part tho''

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Hey whirly,the driver on the 407 is a buddy of mine,nickname is Columbo....better Known as Richard Folk...ex Midwest contract pilot.Another buddy of mine is driving Timmies 155 out of Fox Harbour...also ex Midwest pilot...name is Lee Cormie....ac is CF-ORE.Have a good one!.....PS I was also flying our 407 around NS on Monday and last Friday...our's is white/ red/blue..

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407 driver,Lee C. worked in Sudbury for 17 years flying 212 for air ambulance after leaving Alpine.He lives in Hamilton now,but the 155 is in NS for the summer.Yes,flying the 407 in NS is a short flight...nice having the range extender though...a lot of the gas stations close early down here....something to do with getting to the bar before the seats are all gone,I think?

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