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I worked with Lucien in Parent (RCAF Station) adcom line related to the Bomarc missile sites. We were working for Autair at the time. In Parent we were flying Bell 47G2 on floats year round , better for fishing in the summer and kept the machines high in the winter snow.


Lucien was used to flying Piaseki H21 in Algeria and had never been checked out on floats, I put in a set of duals and took him out on one of the lakes in the area and had him shut down and start up a few times.

Chris Van Wilder was the other pilot.


To make a long story short, when I was building up my required 25hrs, I went down to Lake St. Clair and did some landings and take-offs in the H300. Lucien gave me h**l when he found out what I had been doing because I hadn't been checked out. I reminded him as to who had given him his initial float ckeck-out.


I think J Shultz was a sales person for Helisolair at the time.


This was the early sixties, 63/64


Cheers, Don

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