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C 172 missing YGE > YBW this evening

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Reports I''ve heard say that a C172 with 3 on board departed YGE enroute to YBW at approx 1400 this afternoon, It is now considered missing. Local Wx in YGE was reasonable VFR between the several small CB''s that passed through almost hourly. CASARA and the Military are organizing a search as we speak. Let''s hope for the best.

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The Mrs and I were atop Silver Star Mtn this afternoon where there sure seemed to be some mtn wave indicators incl lenticular clouds above us and rolling pins among thick cumuloform clouds in your direction. I didn''t see anything on navcan''s wx site though. Were there any unusual gusty conditions in your part?

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Yesterdays Wx was not at all unreasonable for these Mountains, 100''. I was out East with the L3 in and around one of the Cells in the late afternoon.

The Buffalo was overhead YGE and searching east just after I initially posted, and was last seen eastbound at dark, possibly overnighting in YYC?. I expect a Cormorant will arrive this AM.

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Guest graunch1

I was driving between Kamloops and YYC yesterday and the Wx from Golden to YYC seemed reasonable - a few bits of scattered showers but nothing until I hit the city and entered a massive CB dump. The TV news in YYC tonight said that the pilt was a Brit and it was a Calgary Flying Club 172. Looks like CASARA is out as is the DnD with a Herc, Cormorant, Buff and 412.They also said that the Wx was reported to be "poor" when the a/c departed Golden - take that for what its worth.............

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It wasn''t that poor. The pilot was a reasonable type, he waited out a small cell over the airfield at around 1315 to 1345 then departed Eastbound shortly before 1400. he had all of the Wx actuals enroute and a briefing from YKA FSS.

I was out east of town an hour or so afterwards and it was good VFR flying as far as I could see.

There were some small cells to dodge though....

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