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Guest Bullet Remington

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Guest Bullet Remington

OK, here's the deal. Since I've been piddlin around the camp, the Missus starts noticing things she's never noticed before. <_<


First it was the "You're losing yer hair thingy! Cripes took me almost a week to convince her I wasn't and haven't lost it! It's all still stuck in the hairbrushes in the washroom! :unsure:


So now she's on this yer too grey thingy, so she starts with the "TYou gotta dye yer hair thing. After two weeks of this every day, I told her if ya want it a different colour you do it! So...she did!! :(


This is where the problem really starts. The place where she says I'm losing my hair really shows up. I'm talking like a pi point under a microscope! Like everybody having to wear sun glasses within 10 miles (16 kilometers)! B)


The problem is she used some of that weird colour stuff. Now I am aware that Ron Popiel made some of that "spray on" stuff to hide the reflective spot. But,,, it ain't in the same colour of my now glaringly noticeable hair colour! :o


I did check the auto supply stores and find a colour that matches. Here's the problem. Should I use, enamel, acrylic, acrylic enamel, lacquer or Imron? :shock:


The other thing is, should I use a primer and if so, should it be non sanding, filler primer or etch coat?? :shock:


Whadaaya think? Any ideas?? :up:

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Same thing I told the "honey", she and the kids all laugh at the shiny spot on top. I told her soon enough it would all be gone. I am not walking around with a hair toilet seat look or Friar Tuck. Shave it to the bone.

Bald is beuatiful.

You could try Home Depot, they claim they can match any paint colour.

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Guest Bullet Remington
Chrome dome okay, Bullet. Just don't do the Donald. Eeeewwwww!



Ahhh Hah!! Knew it!! :) Brazilian!! :rolleyes:

Nope, Ain't THAT bad....yet!! One of these dazes I'll put a pix on my company web site! And get the really opinions!! :lol:


Y'a could blame it on too many U-Turns under the sheets too.


YEAH! The Mayor's back!! Great to see/hear/read ya again there pard! Now don't be a stranger! :up:


Nope, no U turns fer me, I'm a "Git over here and help yaself" type!! :P Long as she cover me up when she's done!! :blink:

Ain't shavin it to the bone either! Ever take a good look at the corragated control surfaces on a Cessna??? Top o my noggin got a bunch of those marks, to match the ones right between my eyes!! :down:


My young fella would have a hey day playing connect the squiggely lines! :stupid:




Clear coat! Hummm, might be an idea, any recommendations for the sanding?? Too course a grit would cause some heat build up! Don't really want to fry what little remaining active gray matter the MEK hasn't already killed!! ;)




Keepin my hair as long as I can, as long as I can!! B)

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Before you go the paint route Bullet, go back and see your barber.


The Barber schools are just cranking these guys out. There just isn't any quality anymore, I mean look what happened to me! I just got a BRAND NEW Haircut, and it's got a hole in it already!


Jeeez, there just ain't quality bowl cuts anymore.



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