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Guest Bullet Remington

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Clear coat! Hummm, might be an idea, any recommendations for the sanding?? Too course a grit would cause some heat build up! Don't really want to fry what little remaining active gray matter the MEK hasn't already killed!!


here ya go BR, this little baby will take that debris off right down to the surface without leaving so much as a scratch :D:D






ya can even use it on the way to the paint store to ensure that extra smooth finish

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Now we all know that TV is the straight scoop on anything, right? I mean if we can't believe what we see, then what are we to do?


Scalp Med Your "Thin on Top" solution!!!



No Sexual Side Effects! :up:


But! Disregard the photo's: "Results not Typical"


Why include photos then?? :down:

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TQ you hit the nail right on the head methinks! Since the Mrs got the tupperware, I've saved many pennies on haircuts! :lol:



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