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When Were You Hooked?

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Can remember being pretty young and watching F-111's,15's etc etc scorching around low level at an airshow and thought that aviation is a bit of me..First heli ride was around 17, pilot had a spare seat so took me for a ride, bizzare feeling flying into the same pad with the same company a few years later but sitting in the drivers seat :up:


Cheers TT

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For me, helicopters have always been higher on the list than fixed wing. If I'd had the required vision when I took my military comission, I would have been headed for helicopters (probably the Twin Huey at that time).


What fanned the flames for me was working under and around (and occasionally in) 500's out in the oilpatch. Not even running around on a quad and making things go "BOOM" appealed more to me than working around helicopters.


The unfortunate thing is that in order to make the money I need for my license, I had to take a job that doesn't include working around helicopters.

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I had the dubious job of flogging a clapped out 185 on wheel skis, in Thompson, Man. for about 1000.00/month plus milage and was slowly sliding into debt.

Mike Aldersey, who was the base manager for Midwest at the time (Nov. 1979) took me out for a flip in a jetranger, and then sat me down and explained the facts of aviation life to me.

Turbine engines, time off, about 45,000.00/ year, heaters that work!

50 hour conversion course and never ever looked back.

Thanks Mike!

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I went to a few ground school courses back when i was 16 for fixed wing and i think logged 10hrs or so at the stick with a instructor present of course. Began to hate it. The flying was boring and some of the school went over my head.


I do regret dropping out but that was years ago and now that i have found helicopters i am hooked, there isnt anything i dont want to learn about them and i am keen to keep learning.


But for me i had been on a few helicopter tour thingys and loved the sensation but going on that fam flight and having a go at the controls just hooked me and i think for life as well.



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