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Comm Lic For $ 5300


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Someone please tell me what to think.


This is either something good, or something bad. 2 years to get 100hrs on the FX280? ... OR get a decent job that you can take home say $22,500 per year and that would be about exactly what you need. "Compareable value of 75-80,000$" ah, NO not even close by my thinking. Sounds like a ploy for cheap labour for there companies.


just seems that there are better ways to do it, once you get some hours rakced up, what happens if you find a real helicopter job and want to leave, does the company let you go and pay off the debt, or is there some sort of clause that will hold you back from your dream job? (ie inhearent contracts... If you choose to fly, you MUST work for x amount of hours?)


Cole B)

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Holy smokes .. there has to be a catch, eh? The webpage doesn't give a lot of information wrt to what you actually have to do and 100h in 2 years isn't all that much either, eh? I heard somebody say that if you don't go for the 100h fairly straight it's like taking 2 steps forward 1 back .. any thoughts on that?


IMO I don't believe that any flight school can afford to hand out CPLs for 5300.-

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What quality of training do you get for slave labor? Are they god teachers or just good buisnessmen? I'm thankful I paid for what I feel to be the best education and dont feel bad about doing it( welcome to the world of helis). 2 years for 100 hours sounds like alot of debreifing betwen fligts. Ya if it sounds too good........

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Yeah, sounds fishy.


Training over 2 years won't do the student any favors. Those who attend schools who put the students thru in 4 or even 8 months would fly circles around a 2 year grad.


It mentioned a 4 month break in the summer too. When the students return in the fall they'd have to re-learn to fly all over again.


Should be interesting to see if any of their students show up here and fill us in on the reality of the school.


Also curious about the pictures of the Exec 162 on the site. Wounder if they use one for anything, or just used the photos for the website? :blink:

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Ya Ryan exec 162 a kit helicopter? I hope just for photos. But what about instructors I see no mention of instructors names/qualifications. Would like to know a few more details, this sounds like more a carnival sales pitch than anything. There are a lot of questions after reading their site. Maybe they have a buisness plan like that of another opperator I read about. Oh look at the address from Alberta are they neighbors? And that application did u check it out? FBI profiling lol. But thet also say you will be working in their buisness which includes hotels etc. hmmmm...... sounds familliar. Hope those are students beside the exec.

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Would not touch this with a ten foot pole!!!!!!

The only way to get your license is the old fashion way, a good school, hard work, and paying for it.

If you cannot sleep at night because your worried about being ripped off, it is not worth it, plain and simple.

With this plan, you still have to pay the full price, the 5300.00 is just a down payment, the catch is you have to work for them, at wages not specified, at a type of work not specified. What happens if you find yourself unable to work for them, for any reason, do you get any money back.

Are they even TC certified, can you transfer your hours to another school?

Are there any students out there to recommend them.

And most important, what kind of aircraft will you be training on, is it the Rotor way Exec, with a few hours on the Enstrom.

Would you be able to deduct your fees like any other school?

And, last but not least, any offer that has a time limit on it reminds me of timeshares and other shady deals one is allways warned to stay away from!

Is there a grace period, in that if you decide to back out for any reason, you can, with a full refund!


As you can see, I would recommend you delete this site and forget about it!

This is only my opinion, and I have no affiliation with any school or such, but I would really hate to see some one get sucked in to a nightmare.

Nuff said.



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