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Contrail has lost battle on my gas field as forcast.....and that is now "official" as of the past week.....signed, sealed and delivered!


Requirement for 1500 hrs before being allowed to fly on the same gas field has also now been reduced to 1000 hrs and 500 on-type.

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Guest sharky

Of all the Contrail requirements put forward, the *only* contrail rule being enforced here Cap is the 1500 hr requirement.


Try to tell the customer that you're dutied-out according to 'their' rules, and well, you'll prolly be getting a phone call from your base or ops manager...


Congrats for helping them understand, hopefully this can gain momentum.

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Albert Ross -------good news buddy!........I still need all the help I can beg, borrow or steal, so I await it's arrival eagerly :D .



Sharky ------- I had no influence whatsoever on any of these results except to strongly advise everyone around me to obey EXACTLY and to the letter-of-the law, all the new laws that had been put in place. If they were good rules in total they'd survive and be proven so......if not, they prove that also and die all on their own.


Those in-the-field and the area were supposedly canvassed for their input on all this and I'm here to tell you that I've yet to meet ANYONE who was interviewed or canvassed about their input on anything concerning this subject. There also was NO representative from Contrail or anyone else of that nature who entered that very large operational area of approximately 2000 square miles to research or interview anybody client-wise. This was totally ideas imported from the GOM and "sold' to well-meaning gas and oil field company Safety Officers at various HQ's in Calgary and other places.


There'll be a "next time" in the future somewhere and I strongly suggest that when that moment arrives, that they'll find more acceptance and a host of good safety input from those in the field because we aren't dummies and there's a wealth of valuable experience and excellent ideas out there waiting for-the taking. It's that obtained and passed-on knowledge from my peers that had kept me alive all these decades and it's not to be dismissed lightly.


So to those at Contrail who feel defeated on this subject....."Don't be"........do your "due diligence" correctly next time and talk to us "out there" because we have no desire to die too early and leave families behind either. We are also where the "bucks" are earned and where "the buck STOPS"......and without us aviation is just a bunch of buildings, real estate and idle aircraft......and unemployed Safety Officers.

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Guest Bullet Remington



Are tyou aware whether those conditions also apply to the plank side of things as well??


Have a personal interest in the plank side, so wanna know before I squander my retirement funds!! :shock:


Glad to see ya back! How you feelin now, anyways??





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BR -------in my area they also applied to F/W and "Yes"...they have also been recinded.


If you meant the "back problems", I'm now back in "racing "Other than that, all the females I'm related to, young and old, are apart for some reason and I'm looking for spare parts....just in case.

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