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Airbornes New Mi-26

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Saturman, a company named Rostvertol, handed over on March 27 an MI-26T helicopter with full Transport Canada approval. The company said that the aircraft is 1.5-2 times more cost effective than US built helicopters. The MI-26T has a useful load of 30 tons and a maximum range of 318 nm. :D

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Saturn Man,


You are partially correct. The Mi-26 was allowed into Canada under an exemption from Transport for a one year pilot project. Transport granted the exemption because it is the only helicopter in the world capable of conducting some of the work that Airborne intends to use it for in the oil patch – there are no western-type helicopters capable of the same. I was told that some of the loads that are required to be moved will even push the Mi-26’s 44,000 lbs lift capability, which is far more than the S-64 and BV-234.


This particular Mi-26 was recently overhauled, a requirement made by Transport Canada, by Rostvertol, the company that manufactures the Mi-26 for Mil. It only has 600 hours on it since it was built in 1986.


As for the Mi-17, this helicopter would compete with western-type helicopters, like the S-61, which is why they would never likely be given an exemption to come into Canada.


Hope this answers your question.

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Funny how TC seems to drift away from their primary role (aviation safety control) and end up involved in the economics of the helicopter industry. Someone remarked earlier that VIH obtained flight authority to run the Kamov as a private company. NOT!! If they were harvesting logs from public timber sales, they were involved in a "Commericial" operation by TC's definition of a "Commercial" operation. They were adding value of the timber by flying it from the hill to the landing. Funny thing about that whole endevour is that VIH seems to have formed a monoploy on the importation of the Kamov? So regarding the importation of ex-military or so-called restricted category aircraft for use in Canada, is it a safety concern, or a market protection on TC's part?? Mmmm......... I don't understand how the term "Free Enterprise" has become so conveluded? It should be re-phrased as "$$$$$ Enterprise" Rules are just for the folk that can't afford the graft. But I guess that should not be a surpise.

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Iran's 214's were built by a foreign military. Bell Helicopters says it does not conform to their type certificate. That's why it cannot be imported.


Tell that to all the Texans who made them. Maybe Texas really is a country all of its own.


You are correct in saying it does not conform to their type certificate. It does not have one. Neither did the Kamov when it first flew here

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