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Bell Medium Strake Kit

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We've had strakes (a.k.a. the great soot collectors) on our 205's for almost 2 years now. I've found that when hovering, pedal movement is even less than before, and the a/c is more stable while hovering. We've also noticed a decrease in the power required when hovering. Our results parallel BLR's in that a 2 1/2 psi reduction was noted. As per the 'rule of thumb' that equals about 60 hp saved.


412, you flew JTG with the strakes what did you think of them ?? I jumped from the 205 to the 204 (it doesn't have them) and noticed one heck of a difference in pedal displacement. They also keep the left side of the tailboom cleaner. So they really reduce the workload when cleaning the tailboom. 9.gif

Hey V-ref, I just leave the wallet at home, that offsets the extra 15 lbs. 2.gif

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Just curious what the direct operating cost''s are for the operator, intial purchase and/or any saved maintaince costs, or has any one been running them long enough to track those costs. If so,are operators passing those cost''s onto the customer? I know Forestry regardless of province doesn''t. However, curious if skiing, drilling, and logging customers realize the DOC''s and are recoginizing this when bid''s come in? From a Drivers stand point flown both and still siitin on the fence.

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