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Ever Do A Little Brush-up Reading Enroute To A Job?

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So in essence, you're sayin they should be labelled......what about menopausal women with a chemical imbalance that leads them to cry...should she be restrained for uncontrollable cryin on a flight...........what about a vet with PTSD, should he/she be labelled as unstable .............



A real shame that paranoia is leading the decision making process of many.......to the point of forfeiting rights.

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Course it's a shame. But irrational behavior is irrational behavior is irrational behavior—regardless of what's behind it—and it cannot go unchecked or ignored BECAUSE of the potential harm there is to so many others. Now, if a "cap in the ***" is what I think it is, that's a whole 'nother story. Excessive force is excessive force, and unjustified is unjustified—which is just plain wrong. Now I'm not even makin' sense to myself, but I think it makes sense. :rolleyes: Alrighty then! (BTW, big diff between simple, single paranoia and widespread panic. When the former triggers the latter, it's not pretty...as Ryan witnessed. That's why any episode cannot be left unattended. ;))

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Nice how you read into things to fit your agenda............never did i say to leave it unattended.


Fear mongering leads to paranoia which in turn leads to widespread panic...............the fear mongering bred from events past has made most paranoid and easy to panic............how many events in the past such as a forced landing due to an unruly passenger created a media frenzy prior the tragic events of 9-11. It'd make the local rag and was no real big deal........now the press has a field day with it.


Some very bad people did some very aweful things on 9-11 but it's time to get passed it and live life instead of living everyday in fear.

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I wouldn't fit in well flyin as a commercial pax as I dont live in fear nor do I feel I'm going to be a victim at any given moment.





P.S............funny how this wasn't such a big deal before a certain date.

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Some things to keep in mind during such discussions about nervousness aboard airliners by some and a nervousness about Middle Easterners (or those that look the same)........and I'll "date" myself here:


1) Going to any large or small airport with family and/or friends on a nice evening or a pleasant Sunday afternoon..........AND strolling-up, unhindered and un-checked in ANY way to the mezzanine or deck to watch a/c landing and taking-off.


2) Buying your ticket and walking at your leisure to the boarding area to board your flight and the only security person you MIGHT see was a member of the Constabulary or in Canadian airports, a Commissionaire......MAYBE.


3) No I.D. with picture required, no removal of shoes required, no x-ray of ANYTHING required, no having to pay any security tax for ANYTHING on your ticket and NO waving of ANY instrument up and down the profile of your skelton for ANY reason before boarding ANY flight going ANYWHERE.


4) You could be a member of any race, religion, color or creed and NOBODY "gave a hoot" nor cared about the possibility that you might be carrying a finger-nail file, box-cutter, a copy of the Koran or the Holy Bible.


5) What religion you were mattered to nobody, nor was anybody willing to shoot you or blow you up because of it.



ALL brought to you bt SOME members of a certain religion from a CERTAIN part of the world. It also follows that SOME members of our society are going to over-react to what THEY consider "not normal" onboard their flights........and will never "get past it" or "move-on".

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I dunno. I'd have to say that expecting people to "get over it and move on" is, perhaps, expecting too much too soon. For many, there will never be closure while there are still questions left unanswered. As well, most—if not all—of the major airliner disasters and tragedies of the past 15 years or so have significantly changed the way we travel by air and our perceptions and expectations of air travel. That is to say that it started long before 9-11, but was grossly magnified (and understandably so) by the horrific events of that day.


And here I said I was done like a post or two ago. Pffffft! :wacko:

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Well said Cap but the funny part is, I'm like 1/16th your age & I can even remember some of that.


TQN....i dont beleive the accidents & tragedies of the last 15 years have really changed anything, on the outside for the unknowing.....the changes are more of an "internal issue" for airlines & operators than for the passengers.


Air travel today, IMHO, is the way it is because of the press & government(s) capitalizing, fear mongering etc.....on the tragic loss of 4 airliners on 9-11.


The excuse of the boogie man comin to get us AGAIN is gettin a little old and dry. The Gov's need to come with a new excuse for exercising more control over me cause I aint buyin this bullshitt anymore. Once I feel scared or feel like a victim, "they" the gov's & all terrorist have got me/us right where they want me/us.


Ohhhhhhhhh & the press can kiss my asss too.........buncha fear mongerin asshats who get off on this and label it "news".

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Fair enough, that's more than enough to freak anyone out regardless of who's doing it.


A few months ago at work we had an interesting moment. Everyone was boarded and about to hear the briefing before getting airborne.

At the last second a guy opened the door on the middle row and said he just remembered he had a meeting here in Victoria he had to make and couldn't go on the flight. It happens every now and then and doesn't really matter to use. So I removed his bag from the cargo hold and he got out. Just then the woman sitting beside him goes totally nuts! She starts freaking out asking why he's "really" getting off the flight, and what does he know that they don't about the safety of the flight.

Myself and the Captain try calming her down but she won't have it. She demands to be let off too because she doesn't trust that he hasn't planted anything onboard. And of course by saying that everyone on the flight panics, a few more adults start crying and everyone stampedes off the helicopter.

So I unloaded everything from the cargo hold to be identified by the passengers to show them there is nothing stowed away in hiding. When all the passenger's bags are accounted for, 2 are still on the pad. The lady who started it all points at them and screams," Well then who's f@$king bags are those huh!" I almost laughed out-loud saying they are the pilot's bags... hence the company logo and crew names in plain sight.

She then noticed the small box of cargo going on the flight, and again she yells and points. I explain what it is, and that almost every flight has cargo on it so not to worry. She looks at the box, and tells me to open it for inspection. Seeing as how it contained potentially infectious specimens destined for an HIV lab in Vancouver... I politely declined.

Finally everyone calmed down and the flight went on as normal, though a tad late. Some folks just see what they want to see, even when there is nothing there but their imagination.


Well, that's a huge over-reaction by that lady. I think had people not wanted to reboard the helicopter and I was on that flight, I would've been one very comfortable passenger with lots of extra seats. Are there refreshments served in flight Ryan? Because I definately would've taken that lady's share of honey roasted peanuts while enjoying a nice cruise in an S61.

The lady in question in Ryans story is terrorising through terrorism, which in fact makes her a terrorist ("everyone on the flight panics and a few more adults start crying and everyone stampedes off the aircraft" - terror). Though I'm sure that her inetntion was not to be a terrosit, but that's exactly what she became. More on this next post.

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