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Ever Do A Little Brush-up Reading Enroute To A Job?

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I know what you say to be true, Cap.


I know journalists that have practiced yellow journalism deliberately and some who have participated, either knowingly or unwittingly, in sensationalism—because it sells. I know people who have been victimized, even stalked, by the press. Unfortunately, these media types ruin everything for the other half—those who research and write with integrity, sincerity, compassion, respect for privacy...those who search for the truth because a story needs told and those who are not driven by the almighty dollar or five minutes of fame.


That other half exists; they're just harder to find. ;) And unfortunately, they're lumped in (stereotyped) with all the "bad apples." The good, the bad and the downright u-g-l-y all mixed in together; such is the way of the world. <_<

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Just like any other profession TQN...........


I'd classify them as journalist & writers.............journalists being the douchebags who sensationalize everything in the media via tv/paper or whatever means they can get their sleazy hands on..............writers being the more professional, factual, courteous etc....such as, say Vertical for example or you could even take it as far as a scrapbooking publication for that matter...................it's all based on the real stuff which might not sell as well but at least it's fricken real and not out to ruin lives and such.

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Hey! Whadya know?! I can put the bird net away! :P Right you are. Broadcast journalists and newspaper journalists are a whole different breed that those who write for special interest publications and books. You'll find many of the former now doing the latter because thankfully, with wisdom and maturity, comes the desire to be able to look in the mirror as well as sleep at night. :) Enthusiast groups, that's where you'll find the real writers...like Mike's team, for example. We forsake fame and fortune (God only knows!) to pursue that which we are passionate about!


Yummy alfalfa pellets for the bird today. :up: (When you gonna get rid of that AK47 or whatever it is and officially bring Big Bird back? He's not as lethal as the assassin. Ha!)

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Had a customs agent, quiz (interogate) me on marijuana and my possible invlovement with it at the North Portal at North Dakota, because I had hemp lip balm in my coat pocket and a pack of matches from a hemp shop under the seat of car.

These guys treated me like the Taliban.. and the young guy was real eager to get his finger in my bum.. NO JOKE. It was awful.

You can imagne the conversation I had with myself about America all the way to Ontario

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Duf ------ know what you mean and I cross the local border points a great deal more than most. The new Agents are the ones that you'll most likely get that crap from. Most of the rest are okay and don't give anyone too much hassle. The young ones get what the old hands call "the Wyatt Earp Syndrome"........I'm going to clean this town up all by myself and show the old hands how sharp I am". You got one in every crowd and you just happened to draw the "short straw" on that occasion.


Slight correction also..........North Portal is from SK into the US........not from MB into the US. I always laugh at the Agents located in places like that because I'd be in a bad mood all the time also if you transferred me and my family from a place like Buffalo, NY to a place like North Portal........you might as well be stationed at Moon Base Alpha. :lol:

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