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Where Are Helmets Available In Canada

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I have a 7 year old Gentex HGU-55 helmet that is very much the worse for wear. The leather is all rotted out from sweat and it is getting very uncomfortable. I am making inquiries about refurbishing it with a new edge roll and ear cups and with the addition of a dual visor. All of this promises to be fairly expensive and am thinking of getting a new SPH-5 to start out fresh with everything new. I know about Flight Suits, who are now apparently not allowed to sell to Canadians, but will refurbish helmets for us, and Transaero who apparently are now the source for orders outside the US. I bought my present helmet from Flight Suits and have nothing but good to say about the service I got from them. Transaero, I know nothing about. Are they the company everyone seems to be having problems with? Is there no place in Canada that sells the Gentex that gives good service? I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep flying (Getting a bit long in the tooth), but would like to upgrade to a good helmet to finish out my twilight years. Ha!!!!!!!! Any help would be appreciated.

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TransAero is a disaster when it comes to service. If you can, stay far, FAR away from them.

thanks a lot! That's what I was afraid of. They seemed to be indicating weeks to send out an order. They apparently have no stock. Flight Suits send out their helmets immediately.

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I would really like to know where Gallet helmets are available… also if some one has the contacts of a Canadian distributor of Alpha Eagle helmets that would be appreciated, any body got a rough idea what they cost (I have found Gallet’s around $1500.00 and Alpha’s around 2,097.18 CAD)

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Gallets available thru US distributor, Merit Apparel Co, 1755 Commerce Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32960. Contact is Bob (HAMKLH@aol.com) 772-563-2575. They give great service, on time and no glitches. Get the Oregon Aero hush kit and liner installed when you order. Dual visor version will run close to $2,000 though, but is very comfortable.

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Transaero is a disaster. I just ordered a new helmet from them. When i ordered the helmet they told me it would take about 2 weeks until they would ship it. Well, its about 9 weeks now and they finally shipped it today!! I also wanted a single visor helmet, but i had to get a dual, since the single visors are not available until september!!


I strongly urge everyone that had problems with Transero to phone and complain to Gentex so that Flightsuits can get their export privileges back!!! Hopefully one day flightsuits can send gentex helmets to canada, and all of us can have better service again.


However, i talked to one of the flightsuits helmet reps yesterday, since i was thinking about cancelling my order with Transero, and they told me that if i order a custom painted helmet, they can ship one to canada!! So if you want to spend an extra 130 dollars (or something like that) and you want a colored helmet, or put a design or anything on it (i think your name works too) they can ship you one of the their helmets. Expect up to 4 weeks untili delivery, since they are really busy right now, and since they will have to paint your helmet.


Good luck figuring out what to do.



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