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204 Down

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For those of you that know Steve Kappelar, of Delta Helicopters, he was injured in a 204 accident this past Sunday, on a tree-planting job near Red Earth, AB. He''s in hospital in Edmonton, with a broken back and arm, but apparently his spinal cord is OK.


Nothing concrete about the cause yet. Steve apparently got the ship down upright, but severely damaged. I heard unsubstantiated rumor that there was indication of engine problems.


I expect to visit Steve in hospital this weekend, and will pass to the grizzled old bird any greetings anyone chooses to send me via PM.

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Downwash ----- Don't know Steve, but know the name. Give him my best and please advise him that you know of two excellent sources of information about various back conditions/problems. He will now become an expert on how smooth a helicopter flies through the air. 9.gif

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it turns out that steve is the brother in law of a fellow that i work with very closely and as such, have the honor of knowing steve's sister as well...


i spoke with his bro in law earlier this afternoon and steve is recovering well... broken arm was from the cyclic, back was broken in the lower lumbar area... rods are in place now at the fracture sites...


from what my friend told me, if you look at the bird, it looks like it was landed on purpose with little indication as to the force of the landing...


he was longlining from the right as i understand with no door on... also had to wait about 4 hrs before the tree planters when queried as to the whereabouts of their air support, admitted they had no idea.. 7.gif

it was then he was looked for and found by another driver...


apparently, his room is full of flowers from across the country... 9.gif

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For those of you that PM''d me, or asked here, I saw Steve today. He appreciates all of your greetings and good wishes, and asked me to pass on his thanks.


Although he didn''t have his surgery until Wednesday, following Sundays''s accident, he''s coming along well now, with the second lumbar vertebrae fused between the first and third. He''ll be wearing one of those clamshells for about three months, but looks great and sounds the same as ever.


I''ll add my own thanks for you adding to the cheer of a temporarily fallen comrade.

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