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Dropped Drill

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Actually, I am.


You see, that F'up has screwed up an upcoming job with the same drilling outfit, just trying to clarify if it was YH or not.


Perhaps it was you... judging by your stellar attitude...


Gotta love the BC aviation community :rolleyes:



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Did he drop it, or punch it off ???


If he dropped it, that's a pity, I'm sure he feels bad about it and learnt from it.

These type of incidents happen to all of us sooner or later.


If he punched it off, "Well done, Captain,". I'm sure he had a good reason.

Hopefully we don't get into a situation like that, sooner or later.


Either way, is this really the place to discuss it in that know-it-all tone of voice ????

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Amen 407,


We've all punched something when it was about to hurt us.


Yellowhead is one of the best names in this business, don't go slinging mud unless you have the facts.


Even if you have the facts, have the decency to keep your trap shut. I've seen this forum kill careers for young 100 hour wonders who thought that they were anonymous. Many basement dwellers don't even have a real clue about the business, and it shows.


I've been on this forum since 1998, 407 driver has been for even longer. Another long-timer, Downwash (a highly respected ops manager and mentor in the business) has been here forever too. God only knows why we even look at the trash typed here these days.


I've punched three things off and **** proud that I am here to type the tale.


As someone said above, who really gives a crap? Get a life.



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