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Whos On?

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No sooner than we got released form Alberta, where things looked like they where off to a good start... my information sais that its slow across the country, there are however rumours circulating that Yukon could be next.


Anybody have any prediction while we are all sitting doing nothing? :down:


H :(

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There was a blackhawk here yesterday. Kinda caught me off gaurd.


Some big fire demo yesterday, Wildcat had a 212 with belly tank down here for that.


Its been showering off and on here in penticton for the last few days, after a big heatwave though, kinda hard to tell what its going to be like.


Cole B)

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Lac du Bonnet....memories.


Kinda miss it, real pretty area. Cottage country. Rented 3.5 acres there right on the river, about 10 years ago, for a season or two. Was working there. Fond memories.

Good company, great people.


Would go back in heartbeat if it was anyplace else too. Best view I ever had of Manitoba (for living there) was out my rear view window with the sun setting in my front windshield.





BTW, if anyone from Lac du Bonnet reads this, if you remember breaking a table armwrestling in Calgary ( I lost...big time!) PM me. You knows who you is, or are related to'em by birth!


(and if you are the "senior", just let me know if the "junior" needs a tuning!)




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