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as usual we the canadian helicopter industry is relying heavily on forest fires. Depiste the recent climate changes and global tempeture increases fires seasons seem to be on the down fall.


I'd say there are way to many helicopters in this country with the low rates and competition between companies is CRAZY!!!!!!!!


Should be interesting if there is another bad year? Eagle might be purchasing more helicopters for sale on the circuit.


Good luck peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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Lac du Bonnet....memories.


BTW, if anyone from Lac du Bonnet reads this, if you remember breaking a table armwrestling in Calgary ( I lost...big time!) PM me. You knows who you is, or are related to'em by birth!


(and if you are the "senior", just let me know if the "junior" needs a tuning!)





Did this same exceptional individual start a fire in the kitchen with radio controlled airplane fuel during a power outage? And did the phone melt resulting in a situation wherein it needed to be frozen for a few minutes before it could be used each and every time?



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