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I just had a meeting with HRDC and they informed me that funding for flight training is no longer being offered by them while a person is on EI. Is this a crock or what? I even asked about training in the French language to make it easier to find employment and guess what? They don''t offer that either yet they will fund English lessons for new immigrants...is there something wrong here? Is Canada not a bilingual country, do we not have two official languages? Why am I paying taxes, I was born and raised in Canada as where my family for generations back yet I get nothing from my own government! Sorry if it sounds racist but I am ticked off big time.

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Sounds like a load of B.S.  Go and see an employment councellor at YES employment services.  You gather all the information and present it to them and they will fill out the application and submit it to HRDC.  Go here:








Don''t back down.  HRDC makes it very difficult to receive funding. I know flight training was still being approved in March 2003.


HRDC will also tell you that thier decision not to fund cannot be appealed.  That too is false.


Good Luck.

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I was told by a counsellor at the local Employment Action office that HRDC would pay for about half of your training, if you meet the requirements...

This was right before our last federal election (whenever that was!)


Counsellor Quote " I would get on it as fast as you can. I have been here 7 years and seen this program dropped and reinstated several times. We do after all, have a federal election coming up and this could be scrapped in 2 months"

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The HRDC does fund flight training, I got it last year.


However, you must first go to the Employment Services people and present a very solid case that you will indeed be employable after the training. This is the stage that most people flounder on as showing anything like a guarentee of employment in aviation is near on impossible.


Simply going to the HRDC and saying "I want to be a pilot, and the local flight instructor says there's jobs..." is not going to cut it. There are many many hoops to jump through and in the end you need a sympathetic ear from the case officer dealing with you.


Another thing I believe is that getting funding to start from scratch will not be possible, the market is overloaded with low-timers and they know it. I already had several thousand hours behind me and the support of a couple prominent companies.


If, big if, you get support, the percentage of costs paid are not set in stone. They will look at the proposed costs, including travel, living expenses etc, and then make you an offer. That offer is open to negotiation. This is very important to remember, the good people at Employment Services let me in on that one. You tell them what you can afford and then go from there.


If anyone wants more information, please feel free to PM me and I'll tell you whatever I can. Although a year on, it may be a bit out of date.




Oh, PS They are very hesitant to approve these things because for the price of funding one pilot, they can help 10 others. (Edited for the PS)

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HRDC assisted me as well. Relight is correct; have all your ducks lined up, all expenses listed, and all research done. My application was over 30 pages long.


The easiest way to relate would be to think of it as a business plan presentation. You have laid out exactly the cost of your education, where those costs go and why, as well as demonstrating that you will be employable afterwards and never be on the EI system again.


The hardest part was that pesky letter; from an employer who will say that you have a job with them afterwards. But I'm sure you can work around that if your application is well presented and professional. And why not? You're asking them for thousands, if not, tens of thousands of dollars.


Check with their tuition-assistance requirements, if I recall, one must show a 'continual' (subjective) record of being laid off and have been on EI before.

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Sounds like we've been throught the same thing all right...!


The letters are key, I had three and it was still close. Most rotary operators are willing to help out if it's not binding, just have to find the right ones.


Sharky's right - treat it like you are going to the bank looking to buy two new A-Stars. Professional and thorough.



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WOW thank you so much!!! Glimmer of hope... Just waiting for the layoff now!

Sharky and Auto Relight,

Do you mind sending me your e-mail addresses, so that i can buzz you some questions later?

If you don't mind me asking, what portion of your total cost did Uncle Paul cover?

Pm me if you wish not to post it.

Very grateful! :up: :D:D:D:D

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I dont know whats worse getting the money to pay for training or finding a job after. I couldn't get any funding from HRDC and had to pay with bank loans and visas. Dont get me wrong the training was a blast and i would do it again but now i have the debt and no job prospects. I cant help with info on funding but i can relate to having a bummer job before training and now one after.

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