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The Canadian Helicopters Shaft

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A friend was employed by Canadian Helicopters "Helicopters CANADIEN" Upon being employed, there was a condition of a 3 year training bond for taking the mini ops course. After a period of less than 3 years, he was layed-off with numerous others. He was told that he can expect to be layed-off for 3-6 months. 9 months later he receives a demand letter for $2000.00 for not completing his 3 year contract requirement. Does anyone know of the legal stand point of a person being held down by the big man? Can a person actually be forced to pay this ransom? Any personal experience with this company or this situation, would like to hear from you.

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He signed a 3 year contract where 1/3 of the amount is taken off every year completed. The initial charge for the course was given as $15, 000.00. One would think that if you are layed off the contract would be null and void. A contract like this is hard not to sign as a low time pilot to break into the industry.

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You would need to see the contract to be sure - if it just states the bare fact that he must complete three years, then he's stuck with it, but tell him to look for a force majeure clause, and to check with the lawyer that the thing is enforceable in the first place - many such contracts are unenforceable.


Good luck - treatment like that gives sharks a bad name



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Albert and Bladestrike are correct, these contracts are virtually unenforceable and I would not get my knickers in a knot worrying about it, let alone the fact that they laid him off.

What stops them from hiring 10 guys giving them all the course and letting them go a week later and trying to collect the "revenue".........sheesh, I could be a marketing man11.gif


They could kiss my patudy6.gif

The advice about the lawyer is good, but for those that have dealt with them as of late (I have) you will find that they are bigger vultures then those looking for the 2 grand. I'd rather deal with the CHC accountant who is against me then my lawyer who is with me.

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I know of quite a few guys that walked away from a simular deal before the years required were up and nothing came of it. I believe the operators were using it more as a deterant to turnover but had no intention of taking it to the courts. This is the first time I''ve heard of them coming after someone. Especially if they laid him off, I wouldn''t be overly concerned.

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