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Smoke Anywhere?

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had a few starts yesterday and today from loads of lightning last night up here in thompson mb.


first day of summer :up:



How is Paint Lake treating you? **** good grub there from Gertie and the Shirley. Watch out you don't get too fat.


I here there is a pile-o iron stacking up in dryden right now. anybody know how many mediums?? Probably be joining them soon.. :(



I just left there Sunday....most of the machines were all hired on and dispersed. Looks like the party is over.

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5 mediums, 4 Astars, tankers and now i believe a Level 1 overhead team taking over, fire estimated 3000 hctrs and moving rapidly. The fueling cache out near the fire was over run nothing was damaged. There is rap crews ,Hac crews, IA crews and torch machines.......and the forcast isnt showing any joy until Sunday!


Anything else going on anywhere....oh and i heard tonight there is a fire again in Whitecourt.





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