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Smoke Anywhere?

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Plinko, you down there flying FAHP? Thats the one my dad put on ultra High gear with his crane.


If that is the one I have some pictures I took while I was out there. Also have video of what our tour guide claimed was you starting you PPC.


Just give me a shout if you want some of the pics... they may already be in the gallery.


Cole B)

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Lots of smoke here, the smoke from the fires in Man. & Sask. is riding the jetstream down to here, it been looking like Los Angeles down here the last few day. :shock:


another words some of you guys/gals must be doing some serious flying up there :up:

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hey plink you guys look busy over there also, We are in Elko Neveda very busy here right now, Looks like we may have to get a replacement in for a few days so I can get my hours back down, resources are slim 2 of us on a 7000 acre fire, Kmax and myself. I just gotta keep dragging my Engineer out of the casino.

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Crazy here too...we had about 100 starts this week...

You are not tooo far away...see ya in Reno tonight! Heading home in the am.


As for the Engineer in the Casino...Sit in Suburban------or sit in Casino...I think they are on the right program! haha


I heard there is some great entertainment in Elko???/ ;)


K got to run..boating by tomorrow afternoon!! whooooo hoooo








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Things in La Ronge are unreal. Fires everywhere and almost all of them are rolling out-of-control with no hopes of catching them. Roads are being closed and people evacuated from a number of places. Very volatile. The wind was gusting to 25 knots today so there wasn't any point in putting crews anywhere. Apparently, the west side of the province is just as bad...


Fly safe everyone.

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