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Possible Downed A/c

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Eurocopter must be estatic. Now yhey get to sell another new one to the guy and the insurance pays, and we all pay through higher primiums.


Eurocopter is pre-sold until 2008, I don't think they need anyone to have an accident to make sale!





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Ok maybe the word estatic was wrongly used.

Oh come on now. The main thing was that no one got hurt. Its just sheet metal. I'm sure that the comment was passed at the manufacturing level after they found out that they were not liable. Give your head a shake. Its not always a win win situation out there in the real world. Someones lost is sometimes someones gain. When you break down I don't see the competition coming over to give you a hand to fix your machine. You break down the customer calls them. Its as simple as that. I once worked for a guy who laughed when the competition lost an A/C. I told him not to laugh because that could happen to use. Well guess what. A few weeks after I quit my replacement wrote one off too. I don't wish anything bad on anyone in this industry. Its a bad omen. Just because you might be competition one day doesen't mean that you won't be working together the next.

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just saw the pictures


my question from an environment standpoint is, what do you do with all the spilled fuel in a fast moving river like that? Surely you can't contain it and the damage must go quite a ways downstream. Who's responsible for cleaning, or attempting to clean/ fix that?

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