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After 19 years of flying I've done most of the things talked about in this thread and most of them are from being in a rush. Some of the tricks I use are any fuel caps that are not teathered to the machine get placed on my seat (hard to fly away sitting on a fuel cap) but the main thing I do now and have done for quite awhile is a complete walk around before I get in and do a start. This allows me to check for open cowlings, tied down blades, fuel caps, seat belts left hanging out the door, covers still on etc. and knocking on wood it has worked well.

I preach big time to all our pilots to slow down and do your checks whether it's a medivac or routine flight it will save you from making mistakes that I and others have made.

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i agree putting an object on your seat helps you remember a task. but a longline cable on the seat or a tie down on the skid, may give you a shortcut into that seat and forget to do a whole walk around. Turnaround checks are something that should never be taken lightly, just ask the CHL crew doing soil sampling who's TRGB #### let go and they flew with no oil for god knows how long. One quick walkaround during a refuelling may have given you the initial signs of leaking oil well before you lost it all and cost your comapny big bucks in repair bills.


#### whatever that means I have no idea??? Why am I being censored?

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I try my best to set up good routines. Lost one fuel cap and since have forced myself into the routine of always replacing the cap as soon as the fuel nozzel is removed and before I put it down. I always start a two bladed machine with the blades at the 2 & 8 O'clock position. I may leave the line attached to the machine, but if I detach it I make sure I pull it out from under the machine so I can see the clevace sitting on the ground in front of me. Before I lift I always look in front of me for a line and in the mirror for anything attached. And last but not least, I ALWAYS fully walk around my machine and have a good over all look before hopping in. It's worked for me so far.....knock on wood.


Fly Safe guys....busy season is coming!!!

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