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Are You The "rogue" Pilot?

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Only in the great US of A. There are a lot of them down there. Must be the in breeding like in "deliverance".


:angry: Sorry TQN....we have low IQ, inbred morons up here above the 49th, that do not have their feeble brain(s) keep up with their mouth(s). :huh:


Please do not judge the vast majority of the members here, with the childish rants of the above described idiot.... :down:

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Ok I'm sorry. I retract my comment. We do have some up here too. I may be like that too from time to time as you have just noticed.



Actually there was a guy like that up in Airdrie just off the end of the runway. He would call TC and rant the same thing when we went out there with the 205 to do training. I drove up to his house one day to try to resolve the issue and there were about a dozen signs saying no trespassing, beware of dog and the sort. Apparently he was a drug dealer of sorts. I guess he was getting a little bit paranoid.

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I forgive you, tt2. :) Unfortunately, my intolerance for slander and bigotry ride the surface and sometimes get the best of me—this time, in the form of name calling (I'm takin' back "putz."). Quite juvenile and embarrassing, actually. :blush: Truce? :rolleyes:


H56: I know. ;) And you know how I feel about people here. It's all good.

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I just saw this video, that a buddy emailed me, asking I was the "rogue" pilot. Its pretty funny for me, as when you hear him talking, he says he is in Charlotte (which is in North Carolina). I used to work in North Carolina and did work for Dept of Transport surveying the bush. Slow and low over the land, but never directly over a house. I was flying a white helicopter at the time and he tracked me down due to a foolish person giving out my tail number too him. He got the number from the company I worked for and called me and threatened to shoot me down and find me and shoot me, next time I was near his house. I had to call the FBI and go through a huge ordeal with the FAA, and in the end they were gonna come after me till we tricked the guy with a story and then he lost it and admitted he had threatened to shoot me down and then he threatened to shoot the FAA guy too! End of story! Previous to that little adventure I had been shot at while in the air, from a guy who most likely mistook me for a DEA helicopter. And a few years before that the Chief Pilot who used to run the company was shot at and had a bullit go through his tail, while doing the same kinda work. Always enteraining.

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