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Canada''s Aviation Headquarters lacks excitement

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Cool Web site Schteevie. I love the old warbirds. My dad flew a Lancaster in the 428&405 squadrons during the war.


I''ve noticed how slow things have been on this web site lately and eventually I realized that I''m part of the problem. I check this site almost daily and rarely ever log on and contribute to it.


Canadianaviation helped me get in touch with a guy in Nova Scotia who new the history of the Lancaster MK X that my dad flew back to Canada after the war, it helped lift my spirits when I was down about having a crappy dock hand job and I had a good time when I went out for drinks a couple of times at the beaver with Twotter and Old dog flying last winter.


So I just wanted to say thanks for that and I will contribute more in the future and spread the word to my flying friends and I encourage everyone to do the same.





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Good job, Max. Thanks for posting. It would be really something if everyone who has not posted lately were to make just one new topic, I am sure the conversations would all take off. This site has a lot of lurkers - those that choose to browse, not interact.


Glad the sites have helped you out in the past and we will be there again for you.



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Hey Twinstar if I''m down in your end of the province I''ll give you a shout.


I''ll be up in Southend (115 miles NNE of Laronge) until the end of sept if anyone happens to be passing through.

Cold beer''s in the fridge.


I''ll be wintering in Vancouver if anyone wants to set up a regular night at the Beaver. Twotter & Old dog?



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I have to agree that this site and its 'predecessor' have broadened my circle of industgry acquaintance more than anything else I can remember. It's also been the vehicle to put me in touch with many folks I haven't heard of in years. 9.gif

Because it's still predominantly populated with rotorcraft people, many of whom are busier this summer than they thought they were going to be, the pace has probably slowed a bit (there are definitely fewer dogfights and much less mudslinging). We certainly will benefit from the addition of more 'seized rotor' types and, when most of the choppers (apologies, CTD) are back home, spiced by Kyle's new features, this place can surely be expected to hum. 10.gif

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If any of you are passing through Nanaimo I am finally finished with my foreign contracts for this year please get in touch with me.


Now that I am free to spend more time at the airport and play with my toys I would just love to meet all of you, especially the young new people to Aviation.


It is my intent to spend my last years in Aviation giving back all the knowledge and skills that I have been fortunate enough to have learned during my fifty years as pilot.


I plan on offering a one on one training program to those who wish to improve their flying skills to enable them to better impress potential employers.


And I hope CTD can get this far west so we can get to know each other better, we can ride our bikes to the west coast of the Island. By the way we stopped in Goose and spent two days waiting for weather.


Chuck Ellsworth

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I think part of the problem is too many forum categories. The two other major forums that I visit- AvCanada and AEForum both only have a "general" message area in which all topics are posted. Here its like "Left Handed C172 float instructors in Manitoba with brown hair". I would hazard a guess that if the categories were reduced to 2 or 3 forums: Private Pilots, Commercial fixed wing, and Heli that there would appear to be significantly more posts. I like the idea of many categories, but until the forum becomes an international meeting place a la PPruNe, there just isn't the traffic to support that format.

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For me it works really good the number of forum categories. I read everyday a lot of stuff and, to have time for it all I need to have some time saving procedures or I will not be able to do it all.


The forum categories is one of such ways of saving time, since I only go to the categories that are more of my interest. To tell you the thruth there are some Forums where I never go to check the messages...


If it was everything in one or two categories, I would have to go through a time consuming process to select those that are of my interest!

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