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Morris Chirka

YYB Pilot

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Hey Guys......


Don't become to complacent about the "Mountain training" thing.


Some years ago when I was flying for Coulson Aircrane we had several B.C.forest guys that Coulson offered to fly to a logging site to to do an inspection in the company C206 on amphibs.


Well I get a form to fill out and two of the questions were...


(1) Where did you do your mountain training course?


(2) What was the name of the school and when did you do it?


I couldn't answer these two questions so I left them blank..... quess what?


Some mental giant by the name of Ralph something or the other from B.C Forestry in Kamloops told the company unless I answered the questions I would not be approved.


So I filled out the form again and answered as factual as I could.


(1) Where did you do your mountain training course?..............Hamilton Mountain, Hamilton Ont.



(2) What was the name of the school and when did you do it?...............Central Airways. 1953.


Well it all went sideways from there on and this guy from Forestry calls me and says he wants to see my personal log book to confirm that I had the flight times that I claimed on the form.


I told there were two problems with that, one I don't keep a personal log book.


And two, since he was insinuating that I was padding the times, even if I had a personal log book he would be the last SOB on earth that I would show it to.


Oh, by the way I didn't get approved. :up: :up:


So don't make the mistake that Mountain Training is not needed..... :D


The Reverend Chas W.

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There was this girl that was I think even more persistence than Morris. What went from persistent to annoying was just what happened. Asides from the regular phone calls every week, she went as far as printing herself standing by one of our company aircraft on a fake cover of Wings magazine. And on the front cover wrote with big headlines that our company has hired her.


Too bad it didn't turn out the way she wanted as we all got a good laugh at it....sorry....not to be rude but that's a bit overboard if you ask me and the rest of the line crew. I appreciate her ingenuity but did put her magazine cover through the blue box after 2 weeks. These are the kind of methods that our Chief Pilot is not interested in. <_<

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Nowhere did I say that it is a rating.


In fact having asked a lot of questions of schools as to exactly what a Mountain course is I doubt very much if some of them have the faintest clue about the subject.


But just you wait, TC will find this to be another great idea and we will have mountain PPC's. :up:



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Hello everyone,


this is Morris Chirka, I am sorry for what the resume wording may of caused. I am not a rich guy, I just a young guy who loves to fly, and to be frank, I will use whatever resorce's there are. I had no idea on how you guy's felt about my resume. From everyone I have spoken to in person from Vancouver to Toronto, They seem to like it. Maybe there where just beening nice. If you are woundering if I got a job or not....No I do not. I did get many replies but I decided to change careers for my family, I am now a mortgage broker and still fly all over to meet customers. Sorry for the history report, I just do not want anyone to think I am a bad guy.


I know we all love to fly or see such beautiful birds fly, sometimes we get a little a carried away in something we love.


Thank you


Morris Chirka :)

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Hey Morris, dont worry about what these guys think about your resume. Sometimes when you get a bunch of unemployed, immature pilots all sitting around a computer with nothing better to do, they tend to act like a bunch of old ****** gossiping about meaningless crap.


Sorry to hear that you had to give up flying. Are you still flying recreationally?

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I agree with Skyhigh!!

You losers leave this Morris guy alone!! It's true that his resume is definately on the pretentious side and if it came accross my desk, I'd throw it in the garbage after reading the first couple of lines, but if you don't know him personally, you can't sit there and say that he doesn't actually posess all those qualities!! (it's not likely but that's besides the point!!)

For all we know, this guy might turn out to be a far more superior pilot than any of you motor mouths!!!

He just needs to learn how to write a good resume is all


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