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Converting An Easa B1.3 Licence To A Transport Canada M Licence


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Hi all

I am after some advice regarding the conversion of my EASA B1.3 turbine rotorcraft licence to a Transport Canada AME licence.

I am almost at the end of the emmigration process (just need to get my passport stamped with the visa) and hope to finally move out there soon.

Is there any way that I can convert or apply for a TC licence prior to me arriving in Canada? Has anybody here been through this process, I have looked through the TC website but can not find a definitive process for the conversion.


Also what are my chances of getting hired as an AME without the TC licence for the period while I study and convert?


I am looking at moving to BC or Alberta.


Any help greatly appreciated



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Hi Surfshark,


Not 100% but I have been told you must do 6 months experience in Canada before you sit any TC exams. At least sit air leg plus any others they want.




This link might help, I found a couple of useful bits, but not easy.

Your post sounds like a copy of me, B1.3 want to move to BC. But I am trying to get a company to sponsor me for PNP or work permit as I dont want to wait 42 months for a visa that isnt guaranteed (dont know if my military apprenticeship would count for the points)


Will be watching your post with interest and all the best



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OK - just received a reply from Transport Canada and basically - we're bu%%ered. :(

Read the following for gaining a TC licence.










On the first one click on link to general info in para 1 and scroll halfway -




under "documents submitted" read about foreign licences - unless you had an ICAO licence before 1990 - :down: .


Looks like I'm staying in the UK - can't hack going through that rigamarole again.

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