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Employment rant......

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Start rant……..I am tired of hearing no we are not hiring any low timers, but call back when u get more hours…Dam catch 22..This year I was told something totally different…”how would u like a job…. starting next week.. We will call u..” Hmmmmm two weeks later” Ohh ya forgot to call. No we don’t need anyone anymore but thanks for calling.” Now nobody’s hiring low timers.. Kickn my a$$. Tried going on a road trip to find work but unemployment said we will cut u off….. Another catch 22..i know u are suppose to be looking and calling, going into companies till they get annoyed and finally hire u but that actually doesn’t happen…catch 22…Ohh well end rant and maybe interest in this industry..





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Well A_C I feel for you. It's too bad that you weren't better informed before you started out. We've been down this road before in a different thread. The industry is brutal for lowtimers, and we were all in the same boat at some time.

Put yourself in the shoes of the employer for a moment. Just because you have a new drivers license dosn't make you ready for the Indy 500. So think of what you can offer besides flying, and being the company drag queen. Unless your into that sort of stuff, I mean what ever blows your skirt up.13.gifGood luck and don't get too bitter.

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I agree with ya  A_C..  lowtimers are  caught  in the worst catch 22...   but like  someone mentioned  in another  thread.. it''s a matter of supply and demand.. as long as schools  keep pouring out  fresh new baby pilots in to the shark pool things will never change.  Gotta say maybe  it is time  that the amount of commercial pilots coming out of  schools be limited in some way. 
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don't give up. if this is what you really want then go get it. when i got hired i was down to my last $200.00 AND ABOUT $30K of debt. now 15 years later it's a whole new ball game.


"limiting" the influx of new pilots isn't going to change things because that isn't going to happen.


we know how you feel because for the most part we've all been there. well, except for saturnman, he got his on a silver platter i think11.gif

what makes you more special than the other kid with the same ticket? what can you offer that the others can't? i know SOME schools will tell you "all our students get jobs" "we have connections" ect. ect. bottom line is it is all about you. research every company, hang around the hangars if you have to. do all that stuff that gives saturnman nightmares. but if you quit? well........



oh, one more thing. i still have EVERY reject letter from companies that replied to my letters. i've shown them to a few of the guys that wrote them too.....













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Not to be pouring salt in an obvious wound, but did you know what you were getting into? How much research did you do before spending your hard earned or borrowed cash? Obtaining a heli-driver ticket without sufficient knowledge of the hardships faced by freshly minted pilots is like skydiving without a ''chute. This business can be brutal to lowtimers and oldtimers alike.


OK, I''m done wagging my finger at you, so now what to do about your situation...

Keep your **** chin up, be positive to a fault. Research the companies that you''re applying to,know what aircraft they fly, where they operate, who the key people are and what their main business focus is. Then all you have to do is make them believe that you would be a valuable addition to their organization. Sound simple? It''s not.


I''ve been down the same road that you''re on now. I had to grin and bear it for so long that I forgot what it was like to frown. All of the crap that I went through was worth it though because I absolutely love doing what I do for a living. Believe in yourself and in your ability to get a "first shot" and you''ll make it.



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It took me 2 years to find a job in the industry. Then I was hired By a company to clean toilets, Paint, fuel helicopters, sweep the hanger, strip paint off of machines, etc......2 years of working like this and I was finally given a chance. Most of my friends it took between 3-4 years before they were flying. They never gave up and most are now flying all over Canada. As hard as it is, keep positive, and people will notice you. Try sending your resume attached to a toilet brush. If you can''t get through the secretary during the week, go on a Saturday. Maybe try the companies with 214''s. They tend to help lots of people. Good luck

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We were all 100 hour pups at one time, so we know how it feels.

Hopefully you did your research before you spent all that loot on a licence, and therefore heard that getting the first job is extremely difficult.


It is, in my opinion, a GOOD thing that a licence is so expensive, and the jobs so hard to get. Simply, it seperates the men from the boys, or more specifically, the gonnabes from the wannabes.

If you keep at it and get a job, you will be surprised by how tough the industry is, even once you are actually on the inside. You will spend your career dodging death, divorce, and taxes. But it''s all worth it, if you really love to fly.


So what are you, man or boy, wannabe or gonnabe ????

If you don''t like my tough attitude, I apologise. But remember you will have alot tougher decisions to make as a Commercial Helicopter Pilot in Canada.

Your family and passengers deserve the best. Do you have what it takes ???


You have a right, (and a need) to rant occasionally, after all, whining is very common from pilots!!

But now, make some decisions about yourself, and if you really want it, then get out there and go get ''em.


Yes, some rookies WILL be hired this year. Will you be one ??

It just takes attitude, perseverence, a smile, and usually a bit of luck. But luck only comes to those who provide the other 3 parts themselves.


Sincere Best Wishes,


P.S. It took me 5 years to get my foot in the door, that was over 7000 hours ago.

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I can also add that I haven''t seen a 100 guy yet come in when they were at the local schools and say they would do anything to gain experience . There is always a pump to fix a manual to update, I always have a ton of 15 minute jobs to do. Most applicants have no barrel fueling experience. or any operational experience etc. I had to do a ton of jobs, Took extra classes in repairing small engines etc.

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