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My Tools

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A few of you have been asking about my tools.....


For Those of you who dont know, Greyhound LOST 1/2 my tools this winter, $7000 to $10 000 worth.

I shipped them from Rocky Mountain House AB to Prince George BC.

4 1/2 MONTHS LATER they showed up at our base in Ft St John!!!!

Greyhound had offered me $100 compensation. I should have taken it, I'm just to **** honest! That is why i"ll allways be POOR!!!

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I said they lost 1/2 my tools, so i just did a halfassed job for a few months.

Was'nt i on yours this winter? Give it a good DI!!!



Now I know you wouldn't do a thing like that... :mellow:


But my tool collect is half someones, not yours though, just a collection of stuff left lying around. It is not a big collection as I still have to use my leatherman most of the time. :up: and come to think of it that leatherman was given to me by another pilot,,,things that make you go hmmm.



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So, what the ell were you usin' for tools then man. Did you have one of them new fancy lectric crescent wrenches from crappy tire and (heaven forbid) a, a, LEATHERMAN.....





Hey! Thats a pilot's trusty tool to fix all when the company can't afford to supply you with a certified engineer. :shock:

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The only thing on the box was a "VIH fragile A/C parts" sticker. Somone at GH in FSJ saw it and delivered it to the hanger.





Good to know there is somebody at GH with a brain.....they lost one of my co-worker's duffle bag with ALL his clothes in it....its still MIA. He is getting a bit smelly after wearing the same clothes for a few weeks...pity his pilot.

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