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Machine Down...

Guest sharky

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It would seem as though Moore thinks it is funny to post his profane opinion of pilots and probably laughs at our replies. To bad that he has such disdain for our communtity that he feels he must ridicule pilots at every chance he gets. For him I feel sorry for. :down:



But would love to drop him off some time and "promise" to pick him up on time. I know is childish but what he does to us is more so. :shock:


Stick on the ice. :up:


Also he shows his lack of experience little knowlegde about 206's to flap his gums, as any pilot whom has tried to comply with the 206 OGE charts knows they are very useless and more a less a guide to what weight you can get to 15' hover little own fly away out of ground effect. But what do I know, only been doing it a little over 25 years.




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John Moore, you old fired geologism, i have read your posts and think its time for you to die!!! There are charts for humidity and ASL. I am going to speculate I will be pissing on your grave sooner than later, the only thing you no about air pressure is what your wife tells you when her pus#@y farts tell you she is empty. RIP **** head



"It's getting hot in here..." :punk:

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Another case of two sides of the coin here. Speculation and discussion about a mishap can be educational when done in an open minded and proffesional environment. Of course that is rare and usually happens with a few techs/pilots standing around the hangar. I say it can be educational because listening to someone elses similar experience or ideas may be a learning experience, even if it turns out not to be the cause of the accident in question. Same as reading factual accident reports are educational.


Of course it's a razor thin line which usually ends with some casting blame without facts, or emanating the "holier than thou" attitude. Uselss to all. It's even more disgusting when an "expert" makes it into the newspaper or on TV. I can only imagine what the actual accident investigators must think!


In my opinion an accident is something to discuss and learn from. From my time in this business there are two types of people that make mistakes. Those that care and those that don't. The latter is the obviously dangerous group and should be run out of the industry.


At the end of the day we should NOT be hesitant to call a mistake a mistake, to call careless - careless, and to call stupid - stupid. The group that care, will take either of these labels to heart for their mishaps. The group that dont will repeat them. I know I have committed all three and felt horrible after each one, as have many others.


Obviously many members on here know each other and perhaps there is more than whats been written, but I often cringe when someones wife or family makes it into the target range. Even if he is a f@@kin@ a$$h@le. Afterall maybe she thinks he is a f@@kin@ a$$h@le too.

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:huh: Ladies and gentlemen.......what we have here is a failure to communicate <_< Remember, J.M. is senile.....his mind is so devoid of brain cells, that every time he looks in the mirror, he thinks he has met a new friend.


Broke, i know you mean well, your passion shows....but do not do it that way. When we react like that, "he", feels a small victory.


An individual like J.M. has much deeper problems than what he shows on this website.....kind of pathetic actually.


We may not always agree, and perhaps argue our points very passionately sometimes, but we have something J.M. will never have, a family, that when needed, come together to support each other .


"That" is something, J.M. can only "speculate" about...... ;)

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