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S61 Questions

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Hi Y''all

A couple of S61 questions for the knowing.

What is the VALCOR valve, and where are the controls for this located? I have understood this helps control the temp on startup.

What are "T" checks?

On the checklist is says Cyclic.................T Check

All the 61 "experience" I have was on the Westland Sea King, and I was never up front in flight, so just a few things here to help me visualize again. Thankful for all information, and if anyone have pictures of the flight deck, I''d much appreciate that too!


Thank you for listening
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When you start the 61, you go straight to the idle gates upon reaching the required Ng, like a 206B, and the only way to modulate the temperature is through the VALCOR valve, controlled by a button on each cyclic that cuts some of the fuel going into the start when its depressed (it actually causes a valve in the auxiliary fuel line to close). It works very well and if standing outside during a start you can really hear it working. Each pilot will test his during the early stages of the start then the pilot flying will continue to use it to control the T5 (Power Turbine Inlet Temperature, the 5th engine temperature referred to by engineers. For example, the Compressor Inlet Temperature is T2, etc.) as required. The switch is only energized during the start.


The T check is a control check where you move the cyclic through a T, Full aft, full forward, and while full forward full left then full right, making a T. Used when checking the hydraulic or AFCS systems.

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Well I guess size really does matter

Do you have a burner?

And if you do, if I send you a CD and some dough for postage, maybe you can make me one?



Exactly what I was looking for, now I only need to find an S61 to practice my new knowledge!
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Guest graunch1

If you still need a xxxxpit photo I have some around that I haven't got scanned in yet. Check out hte phot section for one of MQF that I took many moons ago in Tuk.



"Helicopters are to flying as bagpipes are to music"16.gif

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G1, or should it Mach2?

On the Picture, I'll be looking, but what is a XXXXpit? I believe somebody needs to cut down on the sensorship, and if I'm right, it is not you G1

I saw you had a string about the two f104/cf104s that are being flown in the states, one of my cohorts from the museum back home is crew chief for them (He was in the RNoAF in the 60/70s and has tons of 104 experience)
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Guest graunch1

Hi Winnie,Yeah the auto censoring was kind of strange on the xxxx-pit word as the preview showed it ok. I know a few of the guys on the Starfighter team and the single CF104 is one I personally worked on at #1 Wing back inthe 60's.

It interesting that the a/c they are flying still have most of the original avionics from the 60s. What's your buddies name?


G-1 who has only gone 1.6 :(


ps on preview this time it has xxx out xxxx-pit, so I should use swollen-member-pit perhaps???

Hey Kyle just joking 2.gif

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I guess we could call it Rooster pit?

G1, the name is Odmund Bjoernaalie,

He is a current F16 Crew Chief at the 331st ftr sqn in Norway, as well as Base Ops/Visiting flights, and totally nuts about the F104. I helped him and a feller from Lockheed restore a U-2C for our museum, restored to represent the machine Francis Powers was flying when he was on his way to Bodoe, via the Sovie Union (he ended up in the slammer for a while...)


To the '61 people out there, what is the EXIS light? And if anyone got a POH lying around taking up space, give me a price and I'll help you get rid of it! 1.gif
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