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L3 Vs Ba

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I had a little encounter with a B3 the other day. It was interesting. I had 4 on board, he had 3 on board, I left 30 seconds before him, heading out 30 miles.


I pulled my standard MGT, top of the green, and was going about 100kts@ 2,000 fpm up to 7,000, then about 120Kts at that altitude ( got a Big Ski Basket or it would have been 130+Kts ).


I expected him to pass me, or at least keep up? Not the case, actually I had to do slow down and do two 360's for him to catch up????


So much for those fast 350's :up:

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Not Really afair comparison 407D, as we do not know what the 350 was pulling, power wise,also some guys like take their time and see the sites, something that may not inspire yourself, because you have been seening it for the last 25 years or so in that neck of the woods.

Interesting thread otherwise, whats Scully have to say about that slow B3, towing some kind of drogue maybe?

Keep up the chatter guys!

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I really hate to turn this into a 407 vs. A-star debate 407 D, but I think the A-star is miles ahead, even if it is literally a few miles behind in a race.


When it comes to cargo space, I would rather have an A-star and arrive 5 minutes later with 6 pax, all my customers gear, my gear, and the left over gear that the 407 couldn't take because it has less storage space than a Jet Ranger. That to me is a true utility A/C :up: .


This is only one reason I prefer the A-star, the nicest reason :P .

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GWK, no, it isn't a fair comparison at all. We don't know what power he was pulling, but I was leading him out a specific site, so I expected him to try and keep up, I was flying normal ( well? normal for me :D ) heck, I expected him to pass me.


Hey, wait until I post about this "specific" site we were going to ! It's an interesting story...BUT, gotta wait until it's released to the Public before commenting.


Fish, Glad you like them, as you may have noticed ... I DON"T :D

(call me sensitive or picky, but it' could be something about pulling dead bodies of friends out of wreckage).

I take it that you've never even seen a 407 with the comment "because it has less storage space than a Jet Ranger" Um, it has the same baggage compartment as a 206, at least the last time that I checked, plus we run a huge ski basket all year long.

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407 D, I am quite dissapointed in your deductions from my previous comments :P . I have not only 'seen' one of these mythical 407's, but I have worked alongside said 407. The baggage compartments I saw had aux fuel tanks crammed in them just to get (now here you may correct me) 2.7 hrs. of range? And this is where I am dissapointed in your sleuthing 407 D, I even left you a clue, I actually did have to pack some of the 407's own gear back to base :shock: we both had 6 pax and I was carrying more gear, more comfortably too B) .


But here is where I have to give the 407 it's due, it did beat me back to base on a 80 NM leg by, yup, you guessed it 5 minutes.


My sincere apologies to you 407 D, I am sorry you have had to pull out friends from A/C wreckage of any make or model. I hope to make it through the rest of my career without having to do it (touch wood).

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"because it has less storage space than a Jet Ranger"


OK, I''ll go with misleading, and apologise for nasty posting when tired, agree? :D


I need more info, ie temps, altitudes, power settings, min fuel levels, to come up with an accurate anwser to your question. As with any aircraft we deal with, the fuel burn does change. We operate down to 200 Lb min, but Bell will allow ops down to 125.

I've never flown an aux tank, with our standard tanks at Rockies cruising altitudes, it's a true 2.0 with 860 Lbs Jet A @ 330pph fuel flow, but that can be easily stretched another 10% when loitering at low Q. I'm guessing that you are fairly close though.


Gawd, I hope that I wasn't Lacking, misleading or stupid with that answer :shock:


surprisingly, I still have more 350 time than 407 time, but that should change over this winter.

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