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L3 Vs Ba

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Have they done anything about the Astars flaming out in the snow when your going slow, I know that you, 407D had an Astar in Golden flame out on your base pilot back in the winter of 93/94, and I beleive CHC had another one up in Ft Mc do the same about a year before that nasty accident.

Short of not flying slow in the snow, for that reason alone I have never liked Astars, and I sure hope they have come up with a fail safe fix in the last 12 years or so.

gwk, I think the best fix for this problem, and all contaminated air intake problems, is the mesh/oil intake filter by FDC. We run several of them and they are the 'Cat's Meow' of filters.




407 D, were the 2 A/C that were snowed down, running any intake protection at all, were they just direct intake or particle seperators?


And the last time I checked the majority of us received some sort of hourly pay, so in the end, I think I will go to the bank (slowly) with more in my wallet, thanks to the A-star :up: .


BTW, gwk said you were a staunch Bell man....do you have Bell logos on your blinders? :P:P:P




Skullcap, :up: :up: :up:

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Hmmm...... I,m trying very hard to reply to you two in a respectfull, and mature way, unlike your reply about me.


Perhaps, like replying to a John Moore rant, it only feeds the negative, so, all I,ll say to you two, best of luck in the future, and happy flying.



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Sorry there gwk, just call'em like I see'em. Guess it was a bit harsh...


I too have spent 8hrs a day on a 150ft line in my ASTAR, and not been crippled, now can I sell you one? It's probably the most comfortable flying machine I've run across too... ;)


Safe flying to you as well.



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I fly a 412, and everyone I know who does an 8 hour day in one is pretty well crippled, so when I hear someone say after 8 hours in any machine, their still fresh, I,m impressed.

I have not flown an Astar since 93/94, and have not kept up with any of their mods, so my interest in the accidents we were refering to, were, to me, informative.

So, lets move on and try to get the banter back up.


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Back to the original topic......


A local fire agency just released a BA, and then hired our L3. Not sure why, but I Like it !


L3 -- 1 :up:

BA -- 0 :down:


I'd hazard a guess that they were either not impressed with it's altitude performance at +30, or the pilot didn't have the Mountain experience that they were used to?

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So 407D,


I think your trip was to go and find said little plane which had been missing since 1968 eh?


And you are comparing your red rocket to one our finest in a B3? Oh my lord,,,,did the machine have popouts and night sun, or just toodling along enjoying the sights, UNFAIR COMPARISON ALERT :unsure: UNFAIR COMPARISON ALERT :up:



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