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L3 Vs Ba

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BA - 140 mph cruise

L3 - 135 mph cruise


BA - 5 Passengers

L3 - 6 Passengers


BA - 4630 lbs Internal, 4988lbs external Max gross

L3 - 4150 lbs Internal, 4250 External Max gross


BA - 350 miles Max range

L3 - 320 miles Max range

(both with 30 min reserve)



(All figures are under optimal conditions)



So the only thing that a L3 is better than a BA in is the number of passenger it can carry.


But you can do a lefthand drive(with right hand love seat) or left hand love seat (2 pax chair) Mod and The BA can carry 6 pax.


Plus the BA is a dream to work on compared to the L3! :up:


Although you do need a little more hanger space for a BA.


Just my two cents





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This L3 vs. BA thread is a little unfair.


To even the odds, it should be L3 vs. a pile of dog feces... :bleh:




6 in a Longranger? That's tight! Mind you, the Geneva seat kinda sucks too.


But I would rather be one of 6 stuffed in an Astar, that's for sure.

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