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Rent a Navajo?

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Does anyone know out there....

Is there any place here in Alberta (or anywhere else in Canada for that matter!!) that ''rents'' out higher performance aircraft such as Navajos, or cessna 421s etc...? By this i mean a company that will check you out on the aircraft and then allow it to be rented out to you as a pilot to fly solo (to take more than 3 passngers with the smaller rental planes out there)? If not, should there be? would there be a demand for this type of service?


Opinions are like.....ummm....i forget, but i know everyone has one!!!


Please share your thoughts!




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I think there is a school in Sudbury, Ontario. Coniston Flying Club that is in the process of getting a Navajo at this moment.

Although I think that if it is used for charter purposes insurances companies wont insure it for renting or checkouts. Since most Insurance policies have to "name" the drivers on the plane.

But you can try them in the near future. New North Flyng Club, in sudbury!

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Doubt you'll find many Navajos for rent, but twins like the twin comanche, seminole, seneca have been known to be rented from flying clubs. The Calgary Flying club lists a seminole for rent on their website. You might try calling some of the smaller flying clubs, in places like Lethbridge, Swift Current, Medicine Hat and seeing if they might have a twin to rent.



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