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206 Endorsment


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Go to Penticton and do a ten hour endorsement on the 206. You are more likely to come out with a job, I am sure they need pilots.






For more information, please contact:


Canadian Helicopters

School of Advanced Flight Training

3130 Airport Road

Penticton, BC

V2A 8X1


Telephone: (250) 492-0637

Fax: (250) 492-6544

E-mail: penticton.school@canadianhelicopters.com

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All good points... tough pill to swallow to pay for the endorsement...... BUT


In my case...I did 90hrs on an R22 at an unaffiliated school and then did a 10 endorsment with a well known company. Long story short I paid for a 10 hr interview...but it got me the job! They paid for the endorsements that followed.

Any advantage you can have over the other guy in the beginning is a good thing. So if you have the means...i would find an outfit with the opportunity of a job and do it with them. Chinook is great, but they won't have any work for you after.


Great Slave is another company that might be an option. Lots of work and they might just hire you if you impress them.


My two cents.



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Hey Plinko:


Thank you for your advise. You subscribe some very important points.

What´s the best time to do the endorsment? November/ December ore in the Wintertime?





It depends on how much flying you are doing. If you are not flying at all i would say do it in early spring. That way you will be current for the up coming season and also fresh in peoples mind. If you are flying regularly all winter then anytime would be ok. It would be a great benifit for you to go right from an endorsement to work. You would feel much more confident and comfortable having it fresh in your mind.


Good luck!




Another point...once you settle on a school or instructor..get to know them over the winter. Once time for the training comes you will have already developed a repore with them and the training should go smoothly. And they will have had a chance to see if you are worthy of hiring in the spring.

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