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Heli Accident

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Heard second-hand from a guy who was in the area that it was a Prism machine, doing a toe-in, and the Geo for some reason stood up.... Nothing the pilot could do. Apparently it was pretty messy, and the pilot returned down the hill to the camp and another machine went to pick-up the other ppl. Trans North went in to fly out he body with the RCMP from what I understand as well.


I guess the pilot was, very understandably, quite distraut. Very unfortunate accident. Apparently the Geo had about 20yrs experience around helis, so it goes to show. I had a pretty thorough brief with my Geos/drillers again after hearing the news of both recent toe-in accidents.


Stay safe everyone,



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I have worked with Geoff in the past and he is not the kind if guy ever to turn down a passanger briefing. I was shocked to hear of what happened. Towing in is something that we do everday, never get complacent! I am really sorry to hear what happened and my condolinces go out to Geoff's family, the YGS and the the pilot flying the helicopter.

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