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CHC International - good/bad?

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the only gripe i had with them were the long shifts. the LAST one being 10 weeks.......


other than that they treat you ok and the tax break is nice.


they use the 76's in thailand, philippines, burma, indonesia, iran, azerbijian......


did i miss any?





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On 7/29/2003 7:46:06 PM 412driver wrote:


oh ya...that s*&thole...........


i've had 4 friends go down with malaria in that dump............





I've never worked Malabo but all agree it is a dump. The good news is that it is being crewed by CHC Africa division ( the helicopter company formerly known as Cort). They don't want to pay Cdn. wages or airfares and try to crew it with South Africans. Every single person I knew who worked there came back with Malaria. However CHC has quite a few nice jobs they will send you to if you are one of the chosen.

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Right. Root canal or colonoscopy. However...does anyone

know what the range of salaries and benifits are at CHC Int these days. I've heard it is still notsohotso and that they include the internation tax credit as the reason. This is interesting as the policy manual used to say and probably still does that the company is not responsible for personal taxes (meaning that if they want you to do a tour in Canada which will screw up the tax break thats just too bad.) Time for a raise I think. However given the fact that they and everyone else apparently have excess personnel this is not likely to happen soon. 14.gif

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